Freight Forwarding

Digital Mail Scanning:

Have your US Mail sent to our Mailbox address that we assigned you, and we’ll scan them for you with no lost time or effort. We process large volumes, and bulky, single-sided, and bound materials are no problem. We can include a copy of the envelope and a time stamp so you have a full record of every invoice, application, payment, or brief. We send the files in PDF format straight to your desktop. These are the tools you need to build a seamless workflow, without ever touching a single piece of US Mail. Plans start as low as $99.95 / Year.

Add this US Digital Mail package to your shopping cart along with any other Mail Forwarding Service to benefit from our secure digital Mail scanning technology. US Mail scanning service has a wide variety of benefits including:

Timely delivery of your mail.
Cost Savings, no need to ship or mail junk mail and spam.
Secure mail shredding service.
Affordable Rate that is cost nutral.
Digital Mail Service package will compliment any US mail forwarding service plan, cost as low as 75 Cents per page.

(*) To be able to sign up for this Digital Mail Scanning package, a Mail forwarding service plan is required.

(*) Package is for up to 30 scanned pages per month.

(*) Additional Volume Rate is $0.65 per page.

(*) To get the latest Adobe Reader