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Neighborhood Parcel is Lowell’s nearest FedEx Office and has been trusted for over 15 years to handle all your international shipments to Africa, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, China, Asia, Cambodia, Europe, and Australia. The company is one of the largest package delivery services worldwide. The carrier has a presence in over 220 countries and territories with 32,000 employees.

While the FedEx office in Dracut, MA, is a popular choice for international shipping, costs can sometimes be a concern. However, there are strategies to manage and reduce these expenses. One effective method is utilizing FedEx’s “Delivery Manager” service. This tool gives you the control to personalize your delivery options, allowing you to choose when and where your packages are delivered. This flexibility can help you avoid unnecessary costs associated with expedited shipping or deliveries to remote areas. Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury, MA, has teamed with FedEx to make deliveries to more than 120,000 destinations each day through its four divisions

FedEx International shipping Service

Neighborhood Parcel is your trusted provider of FedEx shipping services in the Boston, MA, area, offering an extensive range of both domestic and international shipping solutions. Our comprehensive FedEx offerings make it simple and efficient to send packages anywhere around the globe.

Experience rapid and dependable delivery with our FedEx Express service, perfect for urgent and time-sensitive shipments. For those seeking more cost-effective options, our FedEx Ground and Home Delivery services provide an affordable solution for both domestic and international shipping, ideal for e-commerce businesses or personal consignments.

For businesses dealing with larger and heavier items, such as pallets, our FedEx Freight service is the perfect fit. It offers competitive rates and flexible scheduling options to meet diverse business shipping requirements efficiently. Additionally, at Neighborhood Parcel, we provide expert FedEx customs brokerage services to assist with smooth customs clearance, ensuring your packages are properly processed and released swiftly.

We also offer a variety of FedEx packaging solutions tailored to the specific needs of your shipment. Whether it’s custom packaging or standard packing materials, our team is here to advise you on the best packaging options to guarantee the safe transit and intact arrival of your items. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and competitive pricing extends across all our FedEx services.

If you’re scheduling a pickup, FedEx will collect your package within a specified timeframe and handle the shipping process, including international transit. The cost of this service varies based on the weight and destination of your package. When using FedEx for international shipments, it’s crucial to declare the value of your package for customs purposes, especially in cases of loss or damage during transit. Depending on the destination country, your shipment may also be subject to taxes and duties upon arrival.

International Shipping Services with FedEx:

  • FedEx International Priority® and Economy®: Offering time-definite, door-to-door delivery of documents and parcels worldwide.
  • FedEx Trade Networks® Provides comprehensive solutions for air and ocean freight forwarding, as well as customized logistics services.
  • FedEx Supply Chain Solutions: A broad range of supply chain management options, from warehousing and distribution to transportation management and e-commerce fulfillment,.

For urgent international shipments requiring quick delivery, FedEx is an excellent choice. With a global presence in over 220 countries, FedEx ensures that your shipments are delivered promptly and in optimal condition.

Get in touch with us today to begin your international shipping journey with FedEx. If you have any questions about using FedEx for international shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 978-851-0199. Our team at Neighborhood Parcel is ready and eager to assist you with all your shipping needs!