How To Apostille FBI Report


You might need to acquire an FBI background check if you intend to relocate abroad or apply for a visa. Many foreign governments and organizations demand this document, which includes information about your criminal history. After receiving your FBI background check, you might also need to have it apostille-ed, which is a procedure that confirms the document’s validity and grants it legal recognition in other nations.

To obtain an FBI background check and have it apostilled, follow these simple steps:

Action 1: Request an FBI background investigation

You must visit the FBI website and submit an application if you want to obtain a background check from them. Your complete name, birthdate, and Social Security number are among the details that must be provided. A neighborhood law enforcement agency or a fingerprinting service are both acceptable places to submit your fingerprints. The FBI will give you a copy of your background check once you’ve submitted the application and paid the fee.

Step 2: Apostille Your FBI Background Report

You might need to have your FBI background check apostilled after you obtain it. An apostille is a certification that confirms a document’s validity and grants it legal recognition in other nations. You must submit your FBI background check to the Secretary of State’s office in the state where the document was issued to have it apostilled. Depending on the jurisdiction, the procedure might take several weeks.

Department Of State Authentication

Why Should I Speed Up the Apostille Procedure by Using

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It can take some time and effort to order an FBI background check and have it authenticated. However, the procedure can be significantly sped up and made easier by using We can apostille your document in as little as 24 hours and give expedited apostille services for as little as $199.95. To begin the apostille procedure for your FBI background check, get in touch with us right away.

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