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Looking to rent a U.S. Post Office Box /PO Box in and around Tewksbury MA? Head to Neighborhood Parcel on Main St, where you can get a genuine U.S Mailing address mailbox instead of a PO Box address! Call 978-851-0199 for details.

Rural mailboxes comparatively require severe protection as they are installed outdoors and are prone to burglary and wreckage. Since rural mailboxes are mounted on the roadsides and not on the house walls or posts, they often require more care than residential mailboxes. A rural mailbox has to be located on a rural mail route approved by the concerned postmaster and only on the right side of the road. It should not hinder other nearby boxes. Therefore to reinforce extra strength and extreme sturdiness, it is either made of electro-galvanized steel or a non-corrosive aluminum body.

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To ensure security, complete mail-swing packages are available that contain an adjustable mail swing with caps that protect mail from snowfall damage and vandalism. The mail swing is provided with a galvanized steel post, mounting brackets, and a mailbox that can be fixed by the roadside which helps the rural mail carrier to pick up the mail as well as deliver them while sitting in his delivery vehicle.

Rural mailboxes are of three types: Heavy-duty rural mailboxes, deluxe rural mailboxes, and antique rural mailboxes. All of them are constructed with hard aluminum bodies, polished with durable powder coats, and provided with non-rusting stainless steel hinges, adjustable red indicator flags, and magnetic door holders. The front door is made of solid die-cast aluminum and has a back cover. The concrete back and mounting hardware enable it to be mounted on standard, classic, or even two-sided posts. They are also featured with newspaper holders. They are available in a price range of $95 to $500.

To make sure that there is resistance against vandalism, rural mailboxes promising strong and secure locking mechanisms are emerging in the market. Such mailboxes are made of thick aluminum or copper bodies that do not corrode and are coated with multi-layered powder, both inside and outside. To prevent theft, they are provided with heavy-duty locks and 3 keys that can only be self-operated. They are spacious enough to hold heavy mail and parcels and trustfully deliver money orders, checks, visas, master-card, etc.